Your Competitors Have Started Utilizing AI.

Have You?

Hi! We are an AI Automation Agency that helps businesses integrate AI & automation into their business to improve efficiency & increase profits

AI & automation could be integrated into different departments from sales, marketing, customer retention, HR, operations and more)

Here's The Thing

You've seen AI being used out there already

From bots that personify celebrities or important figures like Socrates

To AI-infused customer support bots

To ChatGPT doing lots of complex tasks

You've read news on how all industries are moving towards AI in their business

You know you need to integrate AI into your business

But you're struggling to find a good use case for your business

Don't worry, here are some ideas to help you out while you're here

How are other businesses utilizing AI?


Internal Staff Training Bot

Every new hire requires lots of handholding and training

An internal staff training bot that has all the documentation of the company can answer any query the new hire has, freeing up the manager’s time on more impactful stuff

Estimated impact:

  • 10 hours saved/person/week
  • At $50/hour of the manager's time, a company would save $2,000 per new hire
  • Not counting the additional 40 hours per month of the manager's time that could be spent on revenue generating activities

Sales Roleplaying Bot

The best way to improve a salesperson’s sales skill is to constantly do roleplays

But roleplaying with a more experience salesperson would mean taking their time away from closing sales

Using a chatbot that can act as a great roleplayer would drastically increase the sales skills of a junior salesperson and lead to higher closing rates for a company

Estimated impact:

  • 4 hours saved/senior salesperson/ week
  • At $30/hour of their time, a company would save $480 per new hire
  • Not counting the additional 16 hours of time that could be spent to close deals
  • and increasing the junior salesperson’s closing rate by 20%

Automated Client Onboarding Bot

For businesses that has an onboarding process for their clients, they can automate it

The clients will feel more satisfied since there’s no waiting, they can avoid back & forth communication,

They can go through the tool step by step on their own time

Estimated impact:

  • 1 hour saved/client
  • at $20/hour of an admin’s time, a company that has 50 new clients per month would save $1k
  • not counting the satisfaction a client would have from the smooth process, which would have a ripple effect - like referring new clients


Leadgen Systems

Customized leadgen systems can send personalized messages to leads and prospects

It can adapt to the sales and leadgen process of each company since every business has different sales cycles, sales process and CRM systems


Customized meal plan generator

A gym can use this to customize a meal plan for each of their personal training clients

Normally it takes 1-2 hours to come up with a meal plan, with AI, it just takes 5 mins

Estimated impact:

  • 1.5 hours saved/person
  • at $30/hour, a gym that has a 100 new clients per month will save $3k

Airbnb Guest Support Bot

Most Airbnb guests’ questions are predictable, and they prefer instant answers

Providing a chatbot to handle those questions will increase guest satisfaction and free up the owner’s time to work on improving the business

Estimated impact:

  • 3 hours saved/guest
  • at $30/hour of the Airbnb owner's time, having 15 new guests per month would save $1,500
  • not counting the satisfaction a guest would have from the instant response

All Those Ideas Sound Great, But My Business is Different

We totally understand that, that's why we're here to help

Here are the services we provide:

Building AI Chatbots with Trained Custom Knowledge

Creating AI Automation

Consultation on AI Integration

How It Works


If you're:

  • still trying to figure out AI
  • don’t have the expertise, time nor resources in-house
  • only having a rough idea of how to incorporate AI in your business


We can brainstorm with you on potential use cases

You don’t have to come to us already knowing what you want

So normally what we do is:

  1. We have an initial chat: just to hear your ideas & brainstorm with you
  2. Evaluate your business processes + come up with proposals on potential AI use cases
  3. Present to you
  4. Build

Can't I Do All This Myself With ChatGPT?

Sure you can, but any business information you enter will be public


Case Studies

SEO agency got acquired for $4m after we automated their onboarding flow

We created a bot that streamlined the onboarding of their clients. Their customer satisfaction went up. They grew fast through word of mouth as a result. Which led to a bigger agency buying them out.

Consultant increased his quarterly customer retention rate by 40%

We created a chatbot trained on all his call, videos and guides so that his customers could have 24/7 consulting access to all his expertise & knowledge

Content marketing agency grew from $10k → $90k/m in revenue

We created a fully automated outreach system that was customized to each prospect. It led to significantly higher open rates and conversion rates.


Ready to improve profits & efficiency in your business?

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